Baseball is not a perfect sport.

Baseball at any level is played by imperfect human beings, some of whom may not be ethical, some of whom may not be virtuous, some of whom may not be hard-workers, and some of whom may not be talented... and some who are.  They all share the same field.

Every batter in the lineup gets his opportunity, every fielder on defense get his chance.  Umpires err, managers err, players err, and the fans let them know it.  The greatest pitcher will still serve up a home run; the greatest hitter will still strike out.

Every player will slump more than once over the course of a season, and some of those slumps will never be busted.  Every player will wake up at least one morning during the season and not want to get out of bed, not want to go to the field that day.

But every player also has his peaks, his shining moment that can never be taken from him, when all of his teammates swarmed him and all of the fans lost their voices in collective jubilation.

Baseball is about both individual success and team success, which don't overlap as often as we idealistically hope -- except in the mind of the fan, who, at any age, delights in all success as if she or he had been on that field, achieving glory her/himself.

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