Doomed by the Dragons, but on the other hand...

That Dayton series was devastating, with back to back horrible losses on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Otherwise, this West Michigan series would be terrifically dramatic and we might be looking at a playoff push.

On the other hand...

The initial loss to the Dragons on Saturday convinced a lot of folks, especially among the Blue Jays, that the postseason simply wasn't going to happen this year.  Toronto reacted by moving newly-activated A.J. Jimenez along with Justin Jackson and Kevin Ahrens up to Dunedin.

What did that affect?  An energized Oliver Dominguez and Randy Schwartz are now receiving regular at-bats right to the end of the season, along with the hot-hitting Jon Del Campo (and a terrific Balbino Fuenmayor yesterday), to inject some pep into a listless lineup.

Meanwhile, the pitching corps features newcomers Drew Hutchison, Casey Lawrence, and Daniel Webb all wanting to make positive impressions right down to the very end.  Hutch/Lawrence carried that victory last night against West Michigan.

Today, Dave Sever heads to the hill.  Dave (and fellow Opening Day starter Matt Fields) has been pitching better and better as this year has gone on.

Are the Lugs going to make a last-ditch playoff push?  I humbly doubt it... but look:  the crowds are going to be sensational the next two nights.  A three-game sweep of the Whitecaps would make things awfully interesting during the final weekend of the season.


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