A bitterly windy day near the capitol

With our job fair completed, the majority of the gameday staff for the 2011 season is now hired.  With me, I now have to concentrate on the team media guide and articles for the Lugnuts magazine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Marketing Department is concerned with preparing all other materials for the season and getting our affairs in order for when it's time to put single-game tickets on sale.  We've got some big things in store.

A link:  Chicharito scores a goal with face.  Always fun.

This Saturday at 1 p.m. is our open audition for Lugnuts Pit Crew, Hawkers, and Granger Rangers.  We're looking for young (16 and older), fearless, exuberant folks who are ready to have a great time at the park this year.  Wear comfortable clothing, come on out, and show us what you got!

Our new manager would not want you watching this.

Former Lugnuts update from Dunedin:  Darin Mastroianni, 1-6; Moises Sierra, 1-6, BB; Mike McDade, 0-6; David Cooper, 2-5, 2 B; John Tolisano, 0-2; A.J. Jimenez, 0-1.  In all, 4 hits in 26 at-bats.  Hey, the spring is young!

This really opens your eyes to how the Blue Jays farm system underperformed during J.P. Ricciardi's tenure -- there are absolutely no Lugnuts from 2005-2007 anywhere to be found.  (Well, there is Casey Janssen among the pitchers from 2005.)  But from the 2006 team, and this sounds absurd, there have been zero Major Leaguers.  Not a single one.  The 2007 team had Travis Snider and that's it.

Not good, man.  Not good.  It shows why everyone was so grateful that Alex Anthopoulos was given the reins.

As for the pitchers this spring:  Henderson Alvarez, Joel Carreno, Alan Farina, the aforementioned Janssen, Brad Mills, Luis Perez, and Marc Rzepczynski have all seen time on the mound.

It's too early for anyone to have distinguished themselves yet in the black and white stats, although I doubt I'm alone in my satisfaction with Eric Thames' early play.

Spring is young yet.  Heck, in Lansing, Spring hasn't even arrived yet.


Anonymous said…
Here's another link for a Redmond video that isn't as humbling.

Wow, it sounds like you just went from 0 to 60 mph! I saw you guys got a HUGE turn out at the job fair. Hope you got a lot of great people on board!
Jesse said…
Anonymous, that link was sensational and I'm spreading the video, stat. Outstanding.

Love and Cinnamon, we're about 30 mph right now -- and that's going to be ramped up hugely in the ensuing weeks. By the time we get to the Crosstown Showdown and Opening Day, we'll be racing around like jackrabbits. There's a heck of a lot of things that need to get done.

The job fair was highly successful, and the turnout really was enormous. Every single area of the company added talented, hard-working people. Orientation's up next, and then it'll be just about time to raise the curtain.

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