Hello from Dow Diamond

Back to blogging, after a little hiatus!  Okay, more than a little - since the first game of the season.  It's good to get back to it, though.

Video Coordinator Pete Gaglio is sitting next to me in the Great Lakes broadcast booth; he tells me he understands how busy the schedule can get, but I'm still going to try to do a little better as the season wears on.

This is an interesting Lugnuts team this year.  It doesn't feel that they've played their best baseball yet, due to awful infield defense, inconsistent starting pitching (8-9, 4.51 ERA, .292 average against, 1.52 WHIP), and a lack of hitting from K.C. Hobson yet.  (I'm certain K.C.'s going to catch fire sometime soon.)  Still, there they are, with the second best record in the Eastern Division.

Works for me.

Big games starting tonight against Great Lakes, the first of six in a row vs. the Loons.  I don't know if there's any team in the Eastern Division anyone wants to beat more than the Loons.


E. D. Malone said…
Hey, I listened to the game tonight and it was great to hear the Lugs giving the Loons a healthy beat-down. Don't know what it is about the Loons ... guess it's because they're so "Dodger Blue" up there in Midland, it's annoying. Go Nuts!
Jesse said…
E.D., agreed on all counts.

- Jesse

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