Good or bad?

A road trip is generally thought of as either good or bad, rarely neither.

The Lugnuts are coming off a 3-4 trip to Fort Wayne and South Bend.  Three of four games lost at Parkview Field shouldn't sit too well, especially when those game were ripe for the taking if only there was a clutch hit gained here or there.  Bad trip, right?

There was an earlier road trip this second half in which the Lugs went 7-2 in a trio of three-game series taking them from Lake County to Kane County to Clinton.  That's pretty clearly a good trip, isn't it?

Not quite.

It's all about how the final game goes that determines how you feel coming back home.

The nine-game road trip ended with a disastrous loss to the LumberKings, 11-5 on a miserably hot day, made worse by a Clinton nine-run seventh inning.  It was a 7-2 road trip that left everyone sulky and irritable on the bus ride back.

This last road trip, conversely, finished off with a satisfying 6-2 win in which players as diverse as Jake Marisnick, Jack Murphy, Garis Pena, Egan Smith, Aleson Escalante, and Shawn Griffith all had a part in finishing off the Silver Hawks.  It felt good, regardless of the overall 3-4 record on the road trip.

Oh, yes, one other thing:  the 7-2 trip required a long drive home from Iowa.  The 3-4 trip just completed needed only a little two-hour jaunt from South Bend.

Which one was better?  No contest.


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