6 for 6

Very few players experience collecting six hits in a game.  Only six players in Midwest League history... before Saturday night.

Bravo, Kevin Pillar... your Midwest League Batter of the Week.

Here's the audio of all six base hits.

When Kevin returned to his locker after the game, he found a fire extinguisher waiting for him, courtesy of Kramer Champlin.

The Major League list is a little more heavily populated than the Midwest League list, though I'd like to know how many of those players achieved their sixth hit with a grand slam.

The best part about it is that, like a no-hitter, a six-hit game is a thrilling experience for teammates.  All of the Lugnuts were collectively awed and ecstatic.  They cheered for Kevin in the dugout, raved about him in the clubhouse, and chattered to one another and their families in the bus and the hotel afterward.  There's a feeling of sharing something special, something that spices up the gnawing grind of the season.

It should be pointed out that Kevin Pillar's beloved Lakers eliminated the Nuggets in Game 7 on Saturday night.  That topped off his day with a cherry on top.


My interview with Pillar earlier this year.


A day after his magnificent 6 for 6 game, Kevin Pillar went 0 for 5 yesterday.

That's baseball for you.  It exalts.  It humbles.


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