Off the Mic On the Road

The venerable Jesse Goldberg-Strassler ( the “a” in Strassler is a nasally tone, sort of like the “a” of apple—remember that if you meet him) was working on the game notes in the South Bend hotel until I turned on the The Simpsons movie. 

He was then immediately distracted by that film and started watching it through the mirror above the desk and above the bed. We broadcasters are very resourceful and know how to incorporate cartoons into our working routine – yes that is the face he always has when watching cartoons. 

The South Bend Silver Hawks have solved a long standing issue within the baseball world. 

When a group of four friends sit together they are forced to sit in a row. Here in-lies a problem – how is the person sitting in seat one reasonably supposed to communicate with their friend sitting in seat four? 

They are forced to shout across their two friends sitting in between thus rudely, albeit unintentionally, interrupting the middle patrons’ conversation. After all, is the conversing between friends not one of the great endearing qualities of attending a baseball game?

What the Silver Hawks at The Cove have done to solve this problem is install swiveling seats around a table in the outfield.

Other benefits of these seats…

1. Improved consumption of footlong chilli dogs and other over-sized and messy foods.

2. Less potential beverage spillage because now it can all be set on the table, not passed from person to person nor set on the ground near happy feet.


Sunriver said…
Keaton, The Silver Hawks have perhaps found the solution that plagues most sporting events, the social aspects of seeing the game. The tables looks like a great idea.
Jay Floyd said…
I am a major fan of those 4-seat tables. Should have those in more facilities.

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