Your guide to the upcoming MWL Postseason

Potential Matchups

*  The Lugnuts are in the playoffs, the 1st half Eastern Division champions.
*  Bowling Green qualified as a wild card in the 1st half.

Bowling Green will therefore face the top 2nd half Eastern Division playoff qualifier, Lansing will face the second qualifier.

To make things clearer:

Current Playoff Standings
(5 games remaining)

1.  Lake County...     36-29

2.  Fort Wayne...      35-30
-   West Michigan...   34-31

As of right now, the 1st round of the playoffs would feature Bowling Green/Lake County and Lansing/Fort Wayne.  (West Michigan, by the way, is currently facing Fort Wayne.  If the Whitecaps take care of business, they'll leapfrog their way into the playoffs.)

Playoff Schedule

The 1st round and 2nd round are best-of-3 series.  The Championship Series is best-of-5.  The schedule of potential games...

Monday, September 3rd:  Final day of the regular season:  Fan Appreciation Day!
Tuesday, September 4th:  Off day.

1st round

Wednesday, September 5th:  Game 1, 1st round, road
     * The Lugnuts will play this game either at Lake County, Fort Wayne, or West Michigan.
Thursday, September 6th:  Game 2, 1st round, home
     *  Thirsty Thursday, with $2 beer/pop and The Verve Pipe postgame concert!
Friday, September 7th:  if necessary, Game 3, 1st round, home

2nd round

Saturday, September 8th:  Game 1, road
Sunday, September 9th:  Game 2, home
Monday, September 10th:  if necessary, Game 3, home

Championship Series

Wednesday, September 12th:  Game 1 at Western Division team.
Thursday, September 13th:  Game 2 at Western Division team.
Saturday, September 15th:  Game 3 at Eastern Division team.
Sunday, September 16th:  if necessary, Game 4 at Eastern Division team.
Monday, September 17th:  if necessary, Game 5 at Eastern Division team.

Any questions?


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