What now?

The Lugnuts' baseball season is over, which means...

The field is quiet.

The Lugnuts sales staff is leaping into action!  Sales training is in full force, and Ben is busy making promotional sheets for all of the new promos we're going to unveil heading into next year.  (I've seen the plan.  A tease:  there's a certain day of the week that is going to be simply bonkers.)  This is seriously the busiest time of year for the sales department, and they work their hearts out.

Midwest League Manager of the Year John Tamargo, Jr., his coaches, and the Lugs' key young prospects head to the "Instructional League," (or "Instructs") gathering with the other coaches and top prospects in the system in Dunedin, Florida, in order to work on drills and specific skills before everyone returns to their families, tired and accomplished.

The rest of the Lugnuts head back home, where the priorities are 1) sleep, 2) sleep some more, 3) find a job (Shawn Griffith delivered pizzas last year), 4) work towards a Bachelor's degree, 5) work out and get stronger/fitter/faster heading into next season.  Some players, like Aaron Sanchez and Kenny Wilson, work out with fellow players.  Others, like Jason Lebleblijian, have their own private facilities (in Jason's case, a warehouse).

Broadcasters Keaton Gillogly and I are done, though you'll hear us both on the radio from other arenas.  Keaton is the new voice of Michigan State women's basketball and volleyball.  I'll be on 92.1 FM Big Country calling high school football games come October.  This blog will also be converted back into my own general thoughts about sports rather than on specific Lugnuts topics.  (Psst:  I might have a book coming out soon, too.)

And Director of Marketing Lauren Truax is leaving the Lugnuts for Texas, due in part to upcoming nuptials.  We are not happy to see her go, though we are very happy for everything else in her life.  She'll be tremendously missed.


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