Hero time

This was how the 2013 Midwest League All-Star Game ended...

Your hero:  Lugnuts outfielder Dalton "Pony" Pompey!

It was a dramatic game, too, with the Western Division rallying in the ninth against the dominating Eastern Division closers for Fort Wayne and South Bend, Roman Madrid and R.J. Hively.  Box score


Now we're 2nd half-bound!  My All-Star Break was spent relaxing, bowling, mini-golfing, and visiting Potter Park Zoo.  In just a little while, however, I'll be on a bus to Bowling Green, Kentucky, as the Lugnuts embark upon their second semester of 70 games.

Put the key into the ignition, and start 'er up.  Two more postseason berths remain available in the Eastern Division -- and, more often than not, the hottest team in the second half walks away with the trophy at season's end.

*  *  *

Have you purchased The Baseball Thesaurus yet?  Bring yours to the ballpark and I'll sign it for you.


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