Santiago Nessy and Fred Merkle

First, check out our most recent Around the Nest, talking with the voices of the Toronto Blue Jays' Minor League system about such top prospects as Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, A.J. Jimenez, and more.


Superman is baseball.  Batman is football.  My column for The Good Point...


Over 200,000 people have watched that video.  It has garnered attention from Deadspin, Huffington Post, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports and more.

Chris Hawkins thought he had a walk-off single. Instead, because Santiago Nessy did not run to second base, a certain base hit turned into a fielder's choice.  It was 2013's version of Merkle's Boner.

Here was Santiago's reaction three days afterward.

Oh, I know, there's no sugar-coating -- this was a win that turned into a loss.  But...

The Top 5 Silver Linings to Santiago Nessy's Play

1. A Test of Character -- Santiago recovered to belt his first two home runs of the seasons and play fine defense against Lake County.  If you thought this would throw his mental game into a tailspin, you were wrong.

2. A Story to Tell -- The baseball season is long. A crazy moment like this simply fades away into a series of great anecdotes over time, especially since Santiago has done so well at handling his teammates' gibes and jokes.  If you can laugh at yourself over a play like that, and Santiago seems like he can, there is nothing that can happen from here on out that will top it.  I hope.

3.  It's For the Kids -- Every single coach in America, of all ages, can now drill into his/her players the importance of keeping their heads up and running the bases.  Talk about a valuable nationwide learning experience!

4.  We Remember You, Fred Merkle -- Baseball loves its history like no other sport... and, hey, look, a play called "Merkle's Boner" that took place when the Cubs were good!  That's funny!

5.  The Spotlight Finds You Everywhere -- If ever Minor League players thought that they played on forgotten islands, existing outside of the realm of national attention, far far away from home and loved ones, this was a reminder that even a Monday night Midwest League game's non-finish can reach the nation and be talked about on ESPN alongside Dwight Howard and the Chicago Blackhawks.  That's an important lesson to keep in mind.


The Top 1 Stupidest Reaction to Santiago Nessy's Play

1. Release Him! -- Ha.  Haha.  Hahaha.

The Toronto Blue Jays are not going to release Santiago because of one play.  He's 20, a top prospect catcher who can throw and hit for power, and if he continues to develop, he figures into their future plans.  Period.


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