Richard Sherman's words, but more adorable

I was watching the Seahawks/49ers game on Sunday with a friend who is a casual football fan of the Detroit Lions.  She had decided she would root for the Seattle Seahawks since, and I'm paraphrasing here, "they were the nicer team."

I pointed out #25 in the college navy and action green.  "That's Richard Sherman," I said.  "He's a terrific player, but he's also the exception to your opinion."

Right on cue, Richard Sherman...
  1. made the play of the day to send his team to the Super Bowl,
  2. rushed over to 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree to personally rub it in,
  3. put both hands to his throat with a clear choking gesture aimed at 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick,
  4. gave this awesome interview to Fox Deportes,
  5. and talked more trash to Crabtree in a postgame interview conducted by Erin Andrews.
My friend reacted with revulsion.

"There you go," I said.  Then I spent the next however many minutes assuring her that there really were nice players on the Seahawks.  Like Russell Wilson!

(And, hey, it's not like Richard Sherman pulled a Claude Giroux.)


Mr. Sherman is not a thug.  He is a tremendous cornerback, and also a sore winner and a displayer of poor sportsmanship.  We are taught to lose with dignity and win with dignity.  Dancing and making the choke sign to the other team's sideline?  That's not winning with dignity.

Thankfully, all is now redeemed.  Erin Andrews' interview, reenacted:


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