The Tradition of Re-Creation Broadcasts

In August, I promised SB Nation's Bluebird Banter that I would write about my annual game re-creation tradition. Here it is:
Every August, during an otherwise routine evening at the ballpark, I re-create a live Lansing Lugnuts baseball game.

I stand in the open press box, a baseball glove, a ball, and two broken bats at the ready, and receive minimalist messages sent in from my broadcast partner: "Ball," perhaps, or "Single." Then I sculpt the play, from the pitcher heaving a deep breath as he bends over to receive the sign, straightening at the waist, cranking back and letting it fly... cracking the bats together... a chopper up the middle, past the diving shortstop, into center field, base hit!

My August tradition comes with the origin of my industry...


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