2015, here we come

Construction is continuing.  The rebuild of Cooley Law School Stadium is persevering through the cold. The 2015 season will see enormous changes within the ballpark. With the addition of The Outfield development in 2016, things should be terrific.
Credit: Ben Owen, Lansing Lugnuts
Credit: Ben Owen, Lansing Lugnuts
I'm back! I work seasonally for the Lansing Lugnuts; yesterday was my first day officially back in the office. This will be my seventh year as voice of the team --- and there will be plenty to discuss on Around the Nest. Baseball Essentials' Brian Crawford interviewed me about the position and other matters.
I'll have a new #2 voice at my side, with Trey Wilson jumping up deservingly to Double-A as the new #2 voice of the Altoona Curve. (I'm sure my new broadcast assistant will be Fine.)
Interested in working for the Lugnuts? The Lugs' Job Fair will be held at the Lansing Center from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, February 28th. Click here for more information.
Job Fair 480x270
The temperature in Lansing is 5° (and feeling much colder), but Blue Jays pitchers and catchers are 3 days away from reporting to spring training.
Courtesy of the Blue Jays' official Twitter feed:
Courtesy of @BlueJays
Major League Baseball is committed to speeding up the game. To wit, they've introduced a list of pace of game directives. Bring on the pitch clock!
Time Remaining
40 Seconds
PA announces batter and begins to play walk-up music
30 Seconds
Pitcher throws final warm-up pitch
25 Seconds
Batter's walk-up music ends
20 Seconds-5 Seconds
Batter enters the batter's box
20 Seconds-0 Seconds
Pitcher begins motion to deliver pitch
Minor League Baseball tried the same thing several years ago, which led to this game-ending result, ranked #1 on Chris Mehring's list of dramatic finishes.
Count me in favor of the change, but don't judge it too soon. Give it the chance to get off the ground and let players and managers get accustomed to it.


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