Stadium Construction, a photographic tour

I'm not sure if you've heard, but Cooley Law School Stadium is in the midst of a massive offseason renovation. My pics from earlier this week:
card pic 8pic 9
Well, at the least, that shows how you gray it's been in Lansing. It doesn't show you too much about the construction that's been going on, though.
With this in mind, members of the Lugnuts front office staff were taken for a tour around all of the construction taking place beyond the fence. They're constructing several different areas: 1) the Tailgate Terrace, a group venue for parties to watch the game from beyond the right-field wall; 2) The View, a banquet hall area beyond the center-field wall; and 3) The Outfield, a real estate development through the Gillespie Group - an honest-to-goodness apartment complex beyond the outfield wall.
Here we go, time to walk inside:
pic 3pic 4
pic 5
pic 6pic7pic 2cement
And lastly, from my co-worker Ben, they've started putting up the new videoboard:

       scoreboard shell


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