To Sir, With Hate

Sports is filled with haters.  To name a few...

  • Patriots Haters.  Did you see how many people piled on to rip Bill Belichick after his failed 4th and 2 gamble vs. Indy?  It was the same crew of folks who all smiled widely (or created t-shirts) when Bernard Pollard submarined Tom Brady's 2008 season.  These include Wes Welker Haters (a growing club).
  • Cowboys Haters.  There are only four guys currently in this category - Tony Romo, Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips, and Jason Garrett.  (Cowboys Haters have great respect for Jason Witten, Marion Barber III, Felix Jones, and DeMarcus Ware.)
  • Lakers Haters.  Made up mainly of Kobe Bryant Haters and Phil Jackson Haters.
  • LeBron James Haters.
  • Sidney Crosby Haters.
  • Yankees Haters.
  • Red Sox Haters.
  • Duke Haters.

Why the hate?

Pick any of the following choices.  You may select more than one if you'd like.

1)  They're good.
2)  They're not as good as they think they are.
3)  They're arrogant, whether they're good or not.
4)  Their fans are insufferably obnoxious (and maybe bandwagoners, too).
5)  They're overhyped and over-covered by the media, specifically ESPN.

I bring all of this up because overhyped, over-covered, underachieving Notre Dame fired arrogant Charlie Weis today.  Happy Schadenfreude Monday!


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