Wait for it...

Last night, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for 175 yards and another touchdown, helping the Longhorns outscore rival Texas A&M, 49-39.  Today, the case is being made by numerous sports pundits -- and my brother:  McCoy wrapped up the Heisman Trophy with the victory yesterday.

They may very well be right.

They shouldn't be.

This was the same Aggies team that lost 47-19 to Arkansas, 62-14 to Kansas State, and 65-10 to Oklahoma, the same Aggies team that gave up four touchdown passes to the Razorbacks' Ryan Mallett and five scores (and 392 passing yards) to the Sooners' Landry Jones.

Meanwhile, on the very same field that McCoy was seemingly padding his Heisman resume, Texas A&M signal-caller Jerrod Johnson threw for 342 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for 97 yards against one of the nation's top defenses.  That's impressive.  The Longhorns had been brilliant all year defensively, allowing 14 points or less in eight of their 12 games.  Johnson carved them up with ease.  It was a star-making performance on national television.

Back to the Heisman debate:  If Mark Ingram goes out today and runs over the Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl, it will have equaled McCoy's performance -- a star player carrying his team to victory over a motivated archrival.  (UPDATE:  He didn't.)  Same if Tim Tebow works over the Florida State Seminoles.  (UPDATE:  He did.)

These aren't the last games of the regular season for any of the triad.  Next week, it's the conference championship games.  If Colt McCoy continues to excel, especially compared to the other two, then hand him the Heisman Trophy.

But wait 'til the regular season's over first.

And, just for the heck of it, give Toby Gerhart some consideration, too.  (UPDATE:  205 yards against Notre Dame on national television?  Toby's in the conversation now.)


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