Q & A

Q:  What's wrong with Aaron Sanchez?
A:  Adversity amid the season.  Happens to everyone.  Carry on.

Q:  What happened to Carlos Perez and David Rollins?
A:  Traded to Houston and we wish them well.  It came as equally stunning news to all of us.

Q:  Are Shane Opitz and Andy Fermin a better double play duo than Andy Burns and Jon Berti?
A:  Not offensively.  Defensively?  Yes, I think they are.  Consider that Opitz has turned exactly as many double plays (36) as Burns in 12 fewer games, while Fermin is averaging 1.05 double plays per game compared to Berti's 0.57 mark.

Q:  Who hits the longest home runs, Kevin Patterson or anyone else?
A:  Ask a tougher question.

Q:  Are you listening to "Around the Nest"?
A:  Every Friday, 5-6 p.m.!

Q:  Will this Lugnuts team win the 2012 Midwest League Championship?
A:  Tough to tell.  They'll have a shot, but they need to shore up the bullpen first.

Q:  What makes Kipp Schutz so awesome?
A:  Besides "Trickwinkle"?  You'll have to ask him.

Q:  Fill in the blank:  Blake McFarland is ____.
A:  Impossible to bring up around scouts.  They laugh, scoff, snort, and change the subject -- compared to the rave reviews they offer about, say, Great Lakes relievers Jose Dominguez and Juan Rodriguez and Yimi Garcia, who light up the radar guns and also do things like walk seven straight batters and blow leads.  Yes, we understand, Blake's Major League future is much dimmer than a guy who can throw 98 mph.  We simply prefer the guy who grits his way through five more shutout innings and gives his team everything he's got.  Whatever happens from here, we've loved having Blake McFarland on the Lugnuts.

Q:  Who is the Lugnuts' X-Factor?
A:  Michael Crouse.  He hits homers, steals bases, draws walks, makes eye-opening catches, and delivers cannon throws from the outfield.  When he's on, he changes the game.  When he's off, he's a hole in the lineup.

Q:  Is this the final question?
A:  Yes... for now.


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