A new voice at Cooley Law School Stadium

photo courtesy of Phil in the press box

First things first:  Jennifer Swanchara has been named the Lugnuts' new P.A. voice of Cooley Law School Stadium.  Read the release here.

A public address announcer does far more than just announce starting lineups, pitching changes, and the name of the upcoming batter.  Jennifer will manage all music and sound at the ballpark, sitting in front of a computer and audioboard.  In essence, she'll be the stadium DJ for the 2013 campaign.  (As a DJ on Impact 89 FM in East Lansing, she's ready.)

As far as we can tell, Jennifer becomes the third female P.A. announcer in pro baseball, joining the Bowie Baysox's Adrienne Roberson and the San Francisco Giants' Renel Brooks-Moon.


My newest article for The Good Point:  Baseball's newest reality shows revealed!  (You know that you'd watch "America's Next Top Spitballer.")

*  Here's why Deadspin is excellent:  In case you missed the circumstances surrounding Yewri Guillen's death, particularly afterward, the sports site spotlights Mother Jones' Ian Gordon's report, with disturbing details about the lack of medical attention in the Dominican.

*  Welcome back, World Baseball Classic!  Big time upset yesterday, too, with the Netherlands knocking off Korea.  The worrisome trend I'm noticing, though, is a pushback from fans who are sick of being told that they should care about the Classic.  It's rather similar, actually, to the blowback from Americans being told that there's something wrong with them if they don't like soccer.  Emotions soon rise on both sides, between pro-soccer and anti-soccer, pro-WBC and anti-WBC, and it becomes a Trout/Cabrera situation.  Unnecessary, really.  Anyway:  Go USA, go Canada... heck, I don't know, go Venezuela!  (I'm patriotic but not discerning.)

Link of the Day:

1.  The Hendrix College batter requests time.  The Berry College pitcher throws at him.
2.  The Berry College pitcher tosses a wild pitch.  The runner from third tries to score.  Boom.


Michael Gatien said…
Actually, there is another one; Kristy Scaffidi(?)who's PA Announcer for the Beloit Snappers.
Has Chrissy returned to Beloit? She was in charge of Snappers media relations (and their P.A., as you mentioned) in 2012, but last I had heard, she had joined ESPN.

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