An early guess at the Lugnuts' offense

Welcome back, Kellen Sweeney... maybe.

Minor League spring training games have begun, so let's take a swing at the Lugnuts' lineup this season:

                         Starting Lineup
                         CF Dalton Pompey
                         LF Nick Baligod
                         2B Christian Lopes
                         1B Seth Conner
                         DH Matt Newman
                         RF Carlos Ramirez
                         3B Kellen Sweeney
                         SS Jorge Flores
                         C Tucker Frawley

C - Tucker Frawley / Daniel Klein, each moving up from Vancouver, with prospect Santiago Nessy waiting in the wings.

1B - Seth Conner, moving up from Bluefield / dare I say, perhaps, The Great Balbino Fuenmayor, after a successful 2012 postseason with Vancouver.  This would have been Art Charles's spot, but he was traded to Philadelphia.

2B - Christian Lopes, rated the Jays' #23 prospect by Baseball America (though he moves up with the trading of Travis d'Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard), moving up from Bluefield/Vancouver in 2012.  Possibly returnees Jorge Vega-Rosado and/or Andy Fermin, too.

SS - Jorge Flores, moving up from Vancouver / Shane Opitz, returning to Lansing for a second season.  (Andy Burns figures to start at shortstop for Dunedin, a level above.)

3B - Kellen Sweeney, who began last year with the Lugs before playing a full season with Vancouver.

OF - Dalton Pompey, returning to Lansing
OF Nick Baligod, returning to Lansing
OF - Carlos Ramirez, moving up from Vancouver
OF - Matt Newman, moving up from Vancouver

Pretty straightforward amongst the outfielders.  I hope Nick Baligod likely moves upward to Dunedin, though, and Carlos Ramirez might stay for a little more seasoning in Vancouver.

* * *

Now then...

My hope is for OF - D.J. Davis, the Blue Jays' 1st round pick last year, entering this year as the #6 prospect (#4 when subtracting d'Arnaud/Syndergaard).  If D.J. comes to Lansing, he immediately becomes the team's leadoff hitter, moving Dalton down to the #2 spot.

*  *  *

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