Hail to thee, Marshall Thundering Herd

I just took a look at this website's page views -- and realized, to my amazement, that there are a ton of folks checking in!

Heck, if that's the case, I can't let you down and just put up one post a week then, can I?

Speaking of Ian Kadish, he and fellow Marshall product Arik Sikula have been awesome recently.  To wit:

Kadish has faced 28 batters in May and has struck out 14 of them.  He struck out the side on May 4th, whiffed two in a perfect inning on May 8th, K'd four batters in two innings on May 10th, and then punched out four more in two perfect innings on May 13th.  This season, Ian Kadish has recorded 25 strikeouts... and just three walks.  In May, the league's batting a mere .120 against him.  In total, right-handed batters are hitting just .154 against him.  Dominance.  Batters, beware... the fastball.  Kadish is not afraid to challenge with his heat.

And Arik Sikula has been even better.  On May 2nd, Sikula allowed a two-run homer to Beloit's Mitch Haniger.  It is the only hit in 24 at-bats against him this month.  On the other hand, it accounted for two runs, which is one more run than Arik allowed in all of April.  The total numbers:  19.1 innings, 3 runs, 24 strikeouts, .115 average against.  Batters, beware... the curveball.  It can arrive in any count.

Since I'm on the subject of strikeouts and relief excellence and unhittability and things of that nature, I suppose I could mention Wil Browning here.  But he didn't go to Marshall, so we'll leave him for another day.

*  *  *

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