Two weeks into May

One blog entry to another, from April 18th... to today, May 10th.  As you can guess, Slavko and I have been slightly busy, conducting interviews, finalizing baseball cards, and a heck of a lot more.  We're currently working on transitioning to a new website, too.  Stay tuned.

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As far as the baseball team is concerned, yes, there have been quite a few losses recently.  Maybe you've noticed.

The Lugs are currently 9-21.  They rank last in drawing walks, tied for first in striking out, last in ERA, last in saves, and first in wild pitches.  The offense has underperformed, the pitching has underperformed, and the defense has underperformed.

And now, the optimism:  A Midwest League team is not a Major League team.  As much as you would like the Lugs to win and I would like the Lugs to win, this team does not face the same pressure to succeed that, say, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim face.  (If the Angels keep losing, they might just be doubly disowned.)

Because of this, even when negative news comes up -- such as today's report from Gregor Chisolm that 18-year-old ace Roberto Osuna has been sidelined while potential Tommy John surgery is considered -- we can wish Roberto well while at the same time taking stock in these notes:

  • Wil Browning and Arik Sikula have become shutdown relievers.  If they keep this up, a Dunedin promotion won't be far away.
  • Dalton Pompey has blossomed at the top of the order, playing stellar (and graceful) defense in center field while adding extra-base pop to the other talents in his arsenal.
  • Christian Lopes keeps hitting and hitting and hitting.  Not bad for a 20-year-old in his first year in the Midwest League.

Let's stop there for now, but expect more positive notes to arrive in the weeks to come.

*  *  *

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