Interesting, Part 1:

This graph, titled "The Politics of Sports Fans."


Interesting, Part 2:

Playoff play-in games, such as the one that Texas is about to play against Tampa Bay tonight at 8:07 p.m., count as part of the regular season statistics.  (8:07?  Ah, TV.)  Witness the 1951 New York Giants season stats, if you doubt me, which include Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard 'Round the World.

The next few days of baseball schedule:

Tonight - Texas at Tampa, loser eliminated.
Tuesday - Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, loser eliminated.
Wednesday - Texas/Tampa winner at Cleveland, loser eliminated.
Thursday - NLDS starts
Friday - ALDS starts

This is the closest baseball can get to having the frenetic, multi-team, heart-pounding, season-on-the-line schedule of the NCAA Tournament.  This is Game 7, followed by Game 7, followed by Game 7.  Each game from tonight through Wednesday arrives without a tomorrow for the losing team.

Catch the fever!


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