The Lugnuts' season is over... long live the season!

Reading notes from my recent work:

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My final day in the Lugnuts' office was last Friday, which means that this blog now transitions into a far less Lug-centric arena.  That said, I (and Slavko) posted rarely during the 2013 season.  Why?

1.  The season is a busy, all-encompassing life.  It is tough to find the time.

2.  It was a poor season, and I don't want to post about negative matters.  For Major Leaguers, baseball is their livelihood.  They have reached their pinnacle.  Now, if they play poorly, their jobs are on the line.  This is not the case for Minor Leaguers, who are all working toward something bigger and better. High error numbers in April and May mean nothing as long as the player(s) work to improve, as - most notably - Emilio Guerrero did.

3.  I am still learning what I can and cannot say.

About this...

I am not Jim Bouton or Dirk Hayhurst.  I cannot truly speak my mind and my experiences to you.  The clubhouse is a private setting; should I go around telling stories, I would not last very long in this industry.

Here, I'll tell you one story:  In 2012, about two hours before a home game, I went downstairs to the clubhouses to distribute starting lineups to each team's coaching staff.  Directly up the ramp from home plate, I discovered three Dayton Dragons playing hacky sack.  I joined them.  It was awesome.

I can't, however, tell you stories of misconduct or private behavior or who said what about whom.  I will not gossip to you about my family, and a baseball team is its own sort of family.

I don't mind telling you that I think Seth Conner is a fantastic person, as is Aaron Munoz.  Dwight Smith, Jr. is likable and dedicated; Kevin Nolan is a prince.  Santiago Nessy has worked hard to learn English; so has Carlos Ramirez.  Ryan Schimpf has the intensity of a football player; Christian Lopes burns with a different but equal intensity.  Ben White's work ethic is unquestioned, and it comes accompanied by charisma.  No one works himself harder than Ian Kadish, except perhaps Arik Sikula.  No one works himself harder than Arik Sikula, except perhaps Ian Kadish.  Though he might struggle early, no one is more equal to the task of bettering himself than Justin Nicolino, except perhaps Jake Marisnick or Kevin Pillar.  Clayton McCullough is revered as a manager.  Daniel Norris has a golden arm and a marvelous mind.  Do not forget about Roberto Osuna.

Let's leave off there.


It is no longer the season.  I shall be writing more, on any topic that interests me.

I encourage you to check out my Baseball Thesaurus, if you haven't already.

I am now working on a Football Thesaurus.  If you can talk football and think you might be of assistance, contact me at jgoldstrass at

Here's wishing you a fine Tuesday~!


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