2010 Lugnuts Offensive Preview

Let's take the offense in stages, based on what I've heard and seen:

The catchers are Sean Ochinko, Karim Turkamani, and Jon Talley.  Ochinko's the best offensive player of the three, Turkamani's the best defensive player, and Talley's in the middle.  Talley will sometimes play first base or DH to get a left-handed bat in the lineup.  Ochinko is expected to be used at third base as the season goes on in order to diversify his skill set.

The first baseman is Balbino Fuenmayor, with Brad Glenn and Talley backing him up.  I expect Balbino to be deadly at the plate this year.  His bat has looked worlds improved from last season, there's no question.  Glenn is a newcomer, a legit slugger with a good eye for strike zone.  He'll mostly be seen in right field.

Second baseman Ryan Schimpf has a quick bat with plenty of life.  Lugnuts fans will look forward to his at-bats, I guarantee.  Hopefully, he won't be here the whole season.  The shortstop is Ryan Goins, slick in the field and solid at the plate.  Mark Sobolewski is the third baseman, looking to improve upon a subpar 2009 that was marred by injury.

The two back-up infielders are Oliver Dominguez and Kevin Nolan; haven't seen much out of either one yet, but looking forward to seeing if they'll seize the day here.

Besides Glenn in the outfield, there's a trio of speedy go-getters in Kenny Wilson, Eric Eiland, and Chris Hopkins.  None of them possess much in the way of power, but all of them have quickness in spades.  Wilson's the best defensively of the group and maybe the best offensively, too.  The more the three of them can get on base, the easier life will be for Messrs. Schimpf, Ochinko, Fuenmayor, et al.

Is it a terrific lineup?  Wouldn't go that far yet, but these guys are definitely going to score some runs this year.


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