National Holiday

Happy Opening Day!

I remember vividly, as a Maryland kid, listening to the radio in school as the Orioles' Mike Mussina battled the Royals' Kevin Appier year after year.

Opening Day brings joy and hope and happiness and no possible ill feelings.  If you lose on Opening Day, no worries -- get 'em the next day and get right back to .500.  If you win, it's glorious!  The lineup feels perfect and the season's possibilities feel endless.

The Lugnuts arrived into town last night -- I was on the bus to pick the team up along with Assistant General Manager Nick Grueser and Clubhouse Manager Joe Eisfelder.  It's a good crew, an older crew, and Athletic Trainer James Gardiner spoke highly of their characters.

Today they pick up their uniforms.  Tomorrow they work out and then get in their first practice on Jackson Field.  Wednesday is the Crosstown Showdown.  Thursday is Opening Day in Dayton, Ohio.

Let it begin.


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