Tis the Season for Sweeps

And here I thought that May and November were sweeps months!

The Lansing Lugnuts have begun their season with four straight series ending in sweeps.  They lost three games to Dayton, won three in Great Lakes, lost three at home to Lake County, and then won three against Bowling Green.  In other words, this Lugnuts team is worse than the Dragons and the Captains and better than the Loons and the Hot Rods...

But they just might be better.

Keep April 19 fresh in your mind, the date that A.J. Jimenez and Brad McElroy arrived in town from Florida.  This team is better with them, especially offensively.  The next step has been shoring up the starting rotation, which went 0-2 in the season's first nine games -- and then earned victories in all three games against Bowling Green.

The team is loose right now, a combination of focused and enjoying themselves.  Brad Glenn is among the league's best hitters.  Mark Sobolewski is swinging a confident bat.  Kenny Wilson is getting on base with regularity.  The bullpen has been pretty good too, with a few vulnerable moments against the Lake County Captains getting in the way of a higher superlative.

Now let's see how they do here in Fort Wayne.

Starting lineup tonight for the Lugnuts:

Kenny Wilson, CF
Oliver Dominguez, 2B
Mark Sobolewski, 3B
Brad Glenn, RF
A.J. Jimenez, C
Kevin Nolan, SS
Sean Ochinko, 1B
Balbino Fuenmayor, DH
Eric Eiland, LF
Dave Sever, RHP


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