I kept on finding the time to blog, but didn't know what to write.  That's not going to stop me today.

The Lugnuts are 28-21, losers of seven of 10 after winning eight in a row.

Frankly, I have no idea if this team is any good.

The starting pitching continues to be erratic.  Evan Crawford, so brilliant in the recent past, is slumping with his control and his confidence.  Ryan Shopshire is all over the place.  Dave Sever is just off the DL and just gave up six runs in one inning his last time on the mound.

Chad Jenkins is good.  I think Ryan Tepera is, too, though not to the extent of Jenkins.

Two solid starters do not make a winning team.

The offense continues to lead the league in batting average, but they're also leading the league in runners left on base.  Even in the games in which they collect nine base hits, like they've done the past two nights, there's still only one or two innings in which they break through and score runs.

Two more games here in South Bend, then back home to take on the best of the West:  Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities.

The sooner this slide is halted, the better.


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