ESPN churns the gossip mill

Just your run of the mill lead stories on from yesterday and today:

* "LeBron:  No Perkins apology, tired of blame" a day after "Perkins Rips LeBron"

* "Bird likes Kobe as teammate over LeBron"

* "Ex-Pat Harrison:  Gronk partying 'not right' " which has this great paragraph:  "I guarantee you this, if Willie McGinestTedy BruschiLarry IzzoRichard Seymour or myself had been at that party, [Gronkowski] probably would have got his head rung," said Harrison, who admitted he has not seen the video or photos of Gronkowski dancing at the party. "There's no reason for that to happen."

* "Giants' Jacobs apologizes for Gisele comments" which was nice of him after the previous day's "Giants' Jacobs says Gisele should 'shut up' "

This is what ESPN has become.  Instead of showing highlights of the games you missed last night, the original reason I loved them in the first place, it's now a network of the worst co-workers you've ever had, gossiping and instigating trouble.

My favorite parts of SportsCenter are 1) the highlights, and 2) the top 10 plays.  (I also enjoy the "Not Top 10.")

But ESPN seems to think my favorite parts of SportsCenter are 1) their crowded collection of "experts," 2) gossip and speculation, and 3) repeating the stories that they've just spent the first half hour running into the ground.

I remember when our biggest problem with SC was its talking heads and their increasingly stupid catchphrases, but at least those came during highlights.

On the bright side, baseball's nearly back...


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