This headline is misleading

Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of headline writers.

Case in point, this article:  "New York Knicks PG Jeremy Lin admits Linsanity a bit overwhelming"

The title comes from this part of the article:

...[T]here has been an inordinate amount of attention heaped upon the 23-year-old guard, who was asked Friday if this past week's lovefest has been overwhelming.
"Uh, yeah. Yeah. But when I get on the court and I play with our team, none of us are thinking about all of this other stuff that's going on," the former Harvard standout said.

In other words, Jeremy Lin was asked "Has this been overwhelming?" and he said, "Uh, yeah.  Yeah.  But..."  And that's the headline the editor chose to go with.

By the way, I enjoy Lin's success.  I think it's terrific for him.  I also think that the hype train is at ridiculously full steam, and I don't doubt there will soon be people already sick of hearing the poor kid's name.  Sports media has no understanding of the concepts of "overcoverage," but sports fans certainly do.


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