Big Deal

Yes, I know.  A "huge" sports weekend.

Dayton 500.  Olympics.  NBA All-Star Weekend.  Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  College Hoops.

This wasn't a great sports weekend.  It wasn't even close.

The highlight of Daytona:  A pothole.

The highlight of the NBA weekend:  108,000 fans.  Certainly not anything that took place on the court.

I didn't watch golf or college hoops (not including a disastrous Maryland loss at Duke).

The Olympics is another matter.  After a dud torch-lighting ceremony, the Olympics rocked this opening weekend.  Rocked it.

Top 3 moments already:

1)  Apolo Ohno and 19-year-old J.R. Celski medal after a wild finish on the final lap of the 1500 speedskating.  Korea was set to sweep the medals before a wild passing attempt by Lee Ho-Suk wiped out both himself and Sung Si-Bak and lifted the Americans to the silver and bronze.

2)  Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau seizes his country's first home gold medal in three Olympics in men's moguls, upsetting arrogant defending champ (and Canadian-turned-Australian) Dale Begg-Smith.

3)  20-year-old German Felix Hoch, son of the national team coach, rocks luge with a dominant gold medal performance, blowing away the favorites.



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