Overcoming the Football Hangover

The Super Bowl, against the better wishes of the football-mad members of the population, officially concludes pigskin season until next Autumn.  April does provide a brief revival in the form of the NFL Draft, but that's it.

This is the time of year, therefore, when sports fans brush off the tortilla chips from their laps, get up from their couches, stretch their legs, and then collapse right back down onto the couch to catch up with what's been happening in all of the other sports.

Here's a brief summary:

The Winter Olympics starts on Friday in Vancouver with a geography lesson doubling as a fashion show.

Danica Patrick is now driving in both indy cars and NASCAR.  The Daytona 500 is coming up, thereby climaxing the NASCAR season good and early.

There is only one good team in Women's College Basketball, the Connecticut Huskies.

There are only two good teams in Men's College Basketball, the Kentucky Wildcats and Kansas Jayhawks.  The rest of the contenders are entirely from the Big East and the Big Ten; the ACC and Pac-10 decided not to field teams this year.  Even so, the NCAA is increasing its National Tournament to 96 teams, possibly by allowing every single Big East team to enter.

Major League Baseball is still two months away.  Hopefully it stops snowing by then.

Rectifying last year's uninteresting unfixed Finals, the NBA has figured things out for this year so that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are on the best teams in the league.

To the NHL's horror, the Maple Leafs, Rangers, Red Wings, and Oilers all stink while teams in San Jose, Washington, and New Jersey reign supreme.  On the bright side, Sidney Crosby is on NBC every Sunday.


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