The Top Four Moments of Super Bowl XLIV

#4 - The Colts stopping the Saints' Pierre Thomas on 4th and goal in the second quarter.  The only key defensive play made all night by Indianapolis.

#3 - The Saints' onside kick to open the second half, leading to a wild pileup and the first New Orleans lead of the game.  Awesome, gutsy move by Sean Payton.

#2 - Tracy Porter's interception return, clinching the victory.  I was convinced that Peyton Manning would strike for the game-tying touchdown, followed by a Drew Brees game-winning drive.  It didn't happen because of Porter, causing the only turnover of the game.

#1 - Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees holding his 18-month-old son in his arms in the midst of the riotous joy and celebration.

There were too many commercials for my taste.  With both teams putting together sizable clock-eating drives, there were more than a few moments where way too many ad breaks were taken in a row for the game to gather any momentum.  Consequently, a well-played and dramatic game did not feel like one at all.  I understand why there were so many commercials, but I don't have to like it.


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