Super Bowl Reaction, in a Nutshell

The better team won.


Jeff H said…
As far as I am concerned, Sean Payton should have been named MVP last night. I know, the award is for a player and Payton is a coach. But that was as good a coaching performance as I've seen in such a big game.

It wasn't just the onside kick. It was that 4th and goal, even if it failed. It was the team's ability to torch those Colts zones all night. And it was keeping that clock rolling and not letting the Colts offense control it.

Payton and his coaching staff should have taken a bow after the game. I know i'm being hyperbolic, but honestly, I don't tend to be that impressed by coaching, so i'm not sure how else to put it.
Jesse said…
Agreed. Well said, on all counts.

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