Back on the horse

Here I am, back again, ready for a new season.

Hopefully I'll start work in the Lugnuts' office shortly, once technicalities are squared away.

In the meanwhile, I have a Twitter handle now (@jgoldstrass).  Feel free to follow me.

My favorite sports story of the day:  Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter donates a kidney to one of his players.

First Lugnuts' game:  April 5th vs. Michigan State.

To answer the most popular question we've been receiving:  No, we have no idea how good the Lugnuts will be this year.  We're hoping for quite a few top prospects (Deck McGuire, etc.) but we won't know the roster until April 3rd or so.  It gets pretty hectic there for a little bit.


Daniel said…
I'm looking forward to this season!
Danna said…
Same as me!
Jesse said…
Hey, guess that puts me in good company! On the baseball side, we're expecting to see a number of top-notch Blue Jays prospects wearing the black and red. On the non-baseball side: Ladies Nights, Thirsty Thursdays, fireworks, etc.!
E. D. Malone said…
Baseball ... and warmer weather. Sounds pretty darn good right now!

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