First week back

Jackson Field is uncovered.  All of the snow has melted.

It's a glorious sight.

I'm completing my first week back with the Lugnuts.  Mostly my work has been limited to creating up the 2011 media guide, which is painstaking and sometimes numbing; I'm right now in the midst of typing up the Toronto Blue Jays' complete statistics from last year, number by number.  It needs to get done but I'll be happier when it's over.

Perhaps the best part of my week occurred early on.  We're preparing a story for the 2011 Lugnuts team magazine about new manager Mike Redmond, thus requiring images of Mike from his Major League career.  I love that I'm in a position that allows me to call up Major League teams directly and ask for a favor.  (The Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins forthrightly responded, the Indians quite promptly.  Highly appreciated.)

The work week also consisted of several interviews for key spots in The (Marketing) Department, as we're shoring everything up heading into the season.  Outside of work, the dominant Lansing Lugnuts' front office trivia team (name withheld to protect the innocent) triumphed in the City Limits' DJ Trivia Thursday night competition for the second straight week.  Challenge us next Thursday in Mason if you dare.

Black History tribute today to the greatest black player in Detroit history, Norman "Turkey" Stearnes.


Anonymous said…
Okay, Jesse, I've been meaning to ask this for awhile -- why the "2-2 Pitch"? Why not the "3-2 Pitch" or the "Balk", or whatever???
Jesse said…
It's part of a great broadcasters' joke. You can be in the middle of telling any story -- really, referring to anything however absurd, and then suddenly jump back in with "The 2-2 pitch..."

For example: "And that's why I'm never eating jell-o again. The 2-2 pitch..."

Or: "You know, I just learned how to dance the Dougie the other day -- the 2-2 pitch..."

Etc. etc. etc.

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