Social Media's best contribution to society:

The feeling when you're watching a sporting event utterly momentous, and then going on Facebook and/or Twitter to realize your friends are also watching.

Last night was a prime example.  It's after midnight in the Eastern time zone.  It's nearing 1 a.m.  And there we all are, friends from North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Ontario brought together by the increasing drama, second-guessing managerial moves, having heart attacks with every pitch, increasing in number by the minute to join together in fandom.  I'm watching alone in my apartment in Michigan, and yet I'm not alone in the slightest.

It's a beautiful thing.

(It's even better it's one of those sneaky sort of games that you don't realize is turning into a classic until you reach the very end.  Butler vs. Pittsburgh in the NCAA tourney.  Boise State vs. Nevada at the end of last year's college football season.  US women's soccer vs. Brazil in the World Cup.)


Social Media's worst contribution to society is lending anonymous power to loud-mouthed small-minded schlemiels, but that's another story.


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