Why I don't like Tim Tebow... with bonus Duke hate!

Here's why I don't like Tim Tebow:

Reason #2 is media oversaturation.

That's the easy one.

Tebow equals ratings right now, so ESPN and Fox are jumping fully on the bandwagon.  If he loses this week, they'll do 24/7 of what went wrong for him.  It's the same reason I don't like the Yankees, Red Sox, Notre Dame, Cowboys, Lakers, the NFL offseason and LeBron James -- the sports equivalents of Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.  All of those topics equal higher ratings... and so the big media outlets run them into the ground.

Now then...

Reason #1:  the idea that he's an underdog competing with nothing but heart and spirit against superior athletes is nothing but idiocy and hogwash.

Tebow played at big-time high school football and college football programs with and against the finest athletes in the nation.  He's listed at 6'3, 236 pounds, fast enough to outpace linebackers, as he did last week against Miami, and strong enough to absorb a hit and deal a blow of his own.

You know what's he's competing against?  Compared to the average NFL quarterback, he can't throw.  His reads are slow, his release takes too long, his spirals are wobbly, his accuracy is inconsistent.

The defense against Tebow should be exactly the same as the defense against Michael Vick:  keep him in the pocket, don't let him run, show him different looks in the secondary, and dare him to pick you apart.


Here's why I don't like Duke's men's basketball team, who are otherwise an utterly respectable unit with terrific talent and a legendary coach:

On offense, if their 3-pointers aren't falling, they do whatever they can to draw the foul, arms and legs flailing.  On defense, they elbow, slap, shove, trip --- and then they flop upon the first hint of contact.

If Duke ever had to play itself, offensive and defensive players flopping at the slightest provocation, it would look like Italian soccer.


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