Ditch the NCAA hoops Top 25 poll

The Top 25 poll for college basketball, whether voted on by the coaches or by the Associated Press, is obsolete and needs to go.

*  The poll rankings don't affect seeding for the NCAA tournament, which determines the true champion for the year.  Therefore, they're entirely insignificant.

*  There's one #1 team in a Top 25 poll.  There are four #1 seeds in the tourney.  Ditto #2, #3, and so on.  Are you the #11 team in the country?  Forget that, you're a #4 in the East.  The Top 25 poll confuses things...

*  ... and let me say again, rankings don't affect seeding.  The 20th team in the poll might be a 3-seed in the tournament.  The poll carries no weight.  It's bupkis.

*  Why are "25" teams even listed?  There are 68 total teams in the tourney, 37 of them receiving at-large berths.  If you want to list the most likely teams to qualify, you might as well make it a Top 40 or thereabouts.

Really, the poll's about pure vanity and nothing else.

Ditch it.


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