I feel you, Rick Perry

No need to discuss any politics here, except to say - for purposes of full disclosure - that I am liberal and Democratic and I support the "Occupy __" movements.

As somebody who talks for a living, specifically during baseball season, let me tell you:  It happens.

I've blanked on the name of my radio station.
I've blanked on the teams playing.
I've blanked on the stadium's name.
I've blanked on the city I'm broadcasting from.
I've blanked on my board operator's name.
I've blanked on my broadcast partner's name.
Heck, I've blanked on my name.

It happens.

It's embarrassing, but it happens.

In one incident in college, I could not remember what a certain position was named.  "It's 4th down," I said, "so they're bringing out the -- uh -- the kicker -- Nick Aiello -- who kicks it to the other team on 4th down.  Aiello.  Out to kick."  Five minutes later, my interior monologue:  "The punter.  That's what he's called!"  Hey, it's easy to laugh about it now.  At the time, I was panicking.

If you're going to vote against Rick Perry in the primaries, it would seem to me that you could find more substantive reasons than "Oops."


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