Good to know

Driving from New Jersey to Maryland on Monday, I listened to ESPN's Greenberg & Golic morning show.

(I generally tune into sports talk radio while driving - it goes along with being a sports fan.)

The topic of conversation was Ndamukong Suh, dirty punk.

Which is true, you know.  You can't stomp on a guy and expect not to be thought of as dirty, particularly not when you have a litany of personal foul penalties already on your resume.  (You can't give a lousy excuse for it, either, without any personal responsibility or remorse.)

Here, however, was how Mike & Mike -- and a third Mike -- discussed the matter:

1)  Special guest Mike Ditka talked about how he had done all sorts of different things on the football field that he now regrets, and how he had definitely stomped on guys -- and then proceeds to catigate Suh for the play.

2)  Co-host Mike Golic talked about his own dirty actions, including the story of one particular premeditated assault on an opponent -- and then similarly berates Suh for his action against the Packers.

In other news, Bob Gibson disapproves of pitchers for throwing inside, Ulf Samuelsson thinks the NHL should crack down on dirty play, and Roddy Piper is against eye-pokes.

Glass houses, gentlemen.


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