Hypothetically speaking, that's nonsense

On ESPN Radio's Scott Van Pelt Show yesterday, Ryen Russillo and Doug Gottleib discussed a potential national championship rematch between LSU and Alabama following their game on Saturday night.

(LSU and Alabama have fine defenses, offensive lines and running games.  Their quarterbacks are mediocre.  I'd rather watch Andrew Luck face Matt Barkley... but that was last week.)

The main crux of Russillo and Gottleib's conversation:  if LSU vs. Alabama is a terrific game, shouldn't they rematch for the national title?  From there, they imagined a victorious Alabama team stumbling against Mississippi State or Auburn and what ramifications a loss post-LSU would have.

Classic sports talk radio fodder:  Bring up a situation that doesn't exist yet, and then react as if it did, creating hypothetical situations from it.

It's nonsense.  It's drivel.

My local area of sports talk, DC, does this all the time.  "Let's say the Redskins get killed by the 49ers this week, will it be time to panic?"  "Yeah, but let's say they play the 49ers in a close game but lose by a field goal.  Do you panic then?"  And from there, they get into a topic of conversation on the week in which Mike Shanahan finds himself on the hot seat.  Ridiculous.

It's like the old Jewish joke of the man who goes to his neighbor's house to borrow something.  On his way, he starts imagining what his neighbor's reaction will be.  Sure, he'll lend it... but what if he doesn't?  What kind of a man wouldn't lend to his neighbor?  By the time he arrives at his neighbor's door, he's worked up into such a lather that he knocks on the door, punches his greeting neighbor in the face, and snarls, "Keep it!"

We don't know what's going to happen in LSU/Alabama.  It could be that, hey, the game's a classic.

Then let's react to it.

How's that sound, sports talk drivelers?

By the way - if Boise State, Houston, Oklahoma State and Stanford all end the season undefeated, there's no way a one-loss team should be anywhere near the national title game.

Cram it, SEC.

EDIT:  On the Tony Kornheiser Show today, Tony just posed this hypothetical scenario to Pat Forde -- What would happen if the SEC team that wins on Saturday night then loses in the SEC Title game?  Idiocy.  There's a lot in life that's complicated and headache-inducing.  No need to create headaches out of thin air due to adding hypotheticals onto hypotheticals.  Let's discuss things when they actually happen.

Also:  If Major League Baseball's postseason was run like college football, the Yankees and Phillies would have been voted into the Championship Game, the Rays and Red Sox would have been inserted into prime BCS bowls since their division was clearly the toughest, and the Cardinals would've played an unwatched bowl game on December 28th against the Angels.


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