Drew Brees, MVP?

I think it's very nice and great and everything that Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's record last night for passing yards in a season.

I'm not enthused because football records don't get me like baseball records do.  If someone is threatening DiMaggio's hitting streak, or flirting with .400, or going after 30 wins in a season -- I'll be going nuts every single game.

But to NFL records:  eh.  I didn't care when running backs started breaking the "most TDs in a season" mark, from Emmitt Smith to Marshall Faulk to Priest Holmes to Shaun Alexander to LaDainian Tomlinson.

This is very nice for Drew Brees, though, and he makes a terrifically easy guy to root for.  The argument that this now makes Brees

By the way...

Tom Brady is 187 yards behind Marino's single-season mark.  If Brees hadn't broken the record, Brady would've done it this Sunday.  And considering that Brady is 190 yards away from Brees, a big game for the Pats quarterback and something strange happening to the Saints could mean that Tom Brady ends the year with the most passing yards in a single NFL season.

All of this in an "off" year for Brady (because a bad Patriots defense and undistinguished performances from receivers not named Welker or Gronkowski has overshadowed him).

Who's your MVP then?

Uh, let's go with Aaron Rodgers.  Even though he only has 4,643 passing yards this year, and not 5,000.


By the way, when Marino set the record in 1984, there were only three quarterbacks in the league with at least 4,000 passing yards.  This year, there are seven already and three others within 150 yards of topping the mark.


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