Tales from the Winter Meetings: Bobby Valentine

The Baseball Winter Meetings were held in Dallas last week, and I attended -- where I promptly became sick with a seven-day cold.  And now here I am, finally getting around to writing about it.

For those who've never been to a Meetings, everyone in baseball is there.  Everyone.  It's astonishing.  I flew in on a Sunday, flew out on a Thursday, and jammed a wealth of experiences and conversations in between.

Since there's too much to tell all in one spot, I'll break it down a series of anecdotes.  Today, the new manager of the Red Sox.


I shook Bobby Valentine's hand and congratulated him on his recent hire.

He was standing, talking with a friend near the front lobby, and I said -- why not?  To be honest, I considered the question of "Why not?" for nearly ten minutes, standing frozen around a corner, and then made my approach when another man stepped up to talk with his friend.

The conversation was brief.  I said, professionally and politely, "Excuse me" and "Congratulations" and he said "Thank you," and then I walked away.

It was worth it.


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