You're the normal one

I like to watch NBA preseason.

I know.  It's totally, mindlessly forgettable, but I enjoy it.  I'm a basketball fan.  I stayed up last night to watch the first half of Golden State/Sacramento to see what Jimmer Fredette could offer.  (He was excellent.)

I did not watch Saturday Night Live, though I did catch the best sketch of the night this morning:  Tim Tebow and Jesus.  (Pray to Matt Prater!)

Everyone is entitled to enjoy unpopular aspects of life, it seems to me, while disdaining several popular aspects of life -- hey, I don't like the beach or coffee or fireworks.  I don't care for Halloween or Thanksgiving or draft day in any sport.  I don't own an iPhone or a Blu-Ray player or even a microwave.

Meanwhile, I greatly enjoy wintry days, several previews before my movie, pro rugby, pro soccer, and All-Star Games in any sport (except football).  And, I admit, I enjoy the casual rhythm of preseason basketball, same as I love exhibition baseball.

I just can't stand NBA refereeing.


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