When you play a game at 10:35 in the morning, the rest of the day can be wonderfully reserved for all different matter of things, like listening to Joe Pug's new album, "The Great Despiser," catching up with friends, and catching up with sleep.

Right before going to bed tonight, though, I happened to look at the Lugnuts' current stats.  Here's what occurred to me:

* The highest ERA on the team belongs to closer Ajay Meyer (5.73), who also happens to lead the league in saves, games, and games finished.  Aside from Ajay, no pitcher on the team has an ERA above 3.46 (Tyler Ybarra).

* Two pitchers (Aaron Sanchez and Justin Nicolino) have yet to allow an earned run.  Sanchez hasn't allowed any runs at all, as a matter of fact.

* No pitcher has more than two wins or more than one loss.

* Two pitchers don't have victories yet:  reliever Tyler Ybarra and standout lefty Justin Nicolino.  In fact, Nicolino's the only pitcher without a decision yet.  Weird.

* The Lugnuts have a team ERA of 1.99.  That's ridiculous.

17-5, baby.  This has been a heck of a start to the season.


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