Allow me to introduce myself. I am Keaton Gillogly. I will be working with Jesse to cover the 2012 Lansing Lugnuts this summer. If you read Jesse’s posts from Saturday, it is easy to see why I’m excited and there is a buzz around Cooley Law School Stadium right now. The Blue Jays have some of the top prospects in baseball and a good handful of them will be wearing Lugnuts black and red this summer.

Some but not all basics facts: I studied radio, print and television journalism at Valparaiso University in Indiana. I was born and raised in Chicago three miles from Wrigley Field. I used to take the CTA Blue Line to get to high school and did not get my driver’s license until college. You just do not need to drive in Chicago.

To Avoid Confusion: My name is Keaton Gillogly. While I contribute to Jesse’s blog throughout the summer, I will be writing under the name Keaton Cory. It is my way of paying homage to my grandfather (Terance) and great-grandfather (Virgil) on my mother’s side. Virgil was a sports writer/editor in Wichita, Denver and St. Louis. Terance, or Terry as he was more commonly known, was a producer for ABC World News for 35 years and continues to write fiction novels in retirement now. I am following in their journalistic path that began in the late 1920’s when Virgil was editing the sports page of the Wichita Eagle while still in high school. There are no more males in the Cory bloodline after Terry however. To keep the Cory name alive I have written as “Keaton Cory” for the last three years and plan to continue that tradition throughout the summer and my career.

I look forward to the season and meeting other Lugnuts, Blue Jays and baseball fans all summer long. I hope you enjoy my insight into the game of baseball. Follow me on Twitter @Gillogly and ask me any questions your can come up with during the Lansing Lugnuts 2012 season.


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