Playing in Peoria

Will the Lugnuts play in Peoria?  They sure will, starting today.  Game time is 3 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. local.

O'Brien Field, home of the Peoria Chiefs and Bradley University Braves.

Yes, those are palm trees.

Keaton prepares for the broadcast... and a future career as hand model.

Anthony DeSclafani and Noah Syndergaard were unusually off their game yesterday, but the Lugnuts' offense promptly picked up the slack in a highly satisfying 9-6 victory.  Lansing is now 13-3 this year.

Also yesterday:
 * The Dunedin Blue Jays are now 13-2, having won six straight games.
 * Jon "Bones" Jones defeated Lansing's own Rashad Evans in a UFC main event that the entire bus was glued to.
 * Drew Hutchison won his Major League debut.  (Have a look at the Lugnuts' MLB alumni page now.)

David Rollins starts the opener today at O'Brien Field against the 6-10 Chiefs and P.J. Francescon.  Tune in via Big Country 92.1 FM and we'll see if the Nuts can reach 14-3.


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