Let's talk, briefly, about the Ryder Cup.

Personal outrage has a way of simmering beneath the surface, waiting for days or weeks to boil over and taking a great long while to heal.  Sports outrage is the opposite.  It comes out of nowhere, erupting passionately, and then tends to disappear when you're not paying attention, rather like hiccups.

That was the referee lockout:  We were irate about the replacement refs, and then the lockout ended, the real refs came back, and we've all moved on.

The U.S. choked away the Ryder Cup, blowing a 10-6 lead entering Sunday.  Our reaction, day by day:

Friday - Hey, look, the Ryder Cup's started.  Cool.
Saturday - Who's winning?  The U.S.?  10-6?  Awesome, go U.S.
Sunday - Europe won?!?!?  Chokers!

For a brief moment, we were upset.  What happened?  (I'm listening to the Tony Kornheiser Radio Show right now and he and Michael Wilbon are killing the U.S. team and the state of golfing in the U.S. in general.)

We have been similarly short-term outraged in recent weeks and months by...
  • Stephen Strasburg's shutdown
  • Melky Cabrera possibly winning the NL batting title
  • The Miguel Cabrera/Mike Trout MVP conversation
  • The NFL bounty scandal
  • NBC's tape-delayed Olympics
Eh, we'll all forget about this by Tuesday, and U.S. golf will be just fine.


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