Yes, you could just give the Giants credit, but...

Have you ever heard the old sports adage "More games are lost than won"?

Whoever came up with that was a pessimistic chump.

Yes, the coiner of the slogan might say, of course I know that exactly as many games are won as are lost... but more often than not, the loser does something specific to lose the game rather than the winner does something great to win it.

I was rooting for the San Francisco Giants to oust the Cincinnati Reds.  Therefore, it seems clear to me, this was a dramatic comeback from a fiery Giants team, overcoming a 2-0 deficit with three straight wins at Cincy.

Or, you know, you could declare that the Reds collapsed under pressure and choked it away.  Whatever floats your glass-half-empty boat.

I don't mind a Reds fan taking this tact.  I'd expect Reds fans are sick to their stomach right now and are looking for a scapegoat.  If, on the other hand, you did not have a rooting interest in either the Giants or the Reds, why pillory a team at the expense of giving credit to the other?

Credit where credit is due:  Raul Ibanez beat the Orioles last night, followed by the A's rallying back to beat Jose Valverde and the Tigers.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals' offense has solved the Nats' bullpen.



Also, Buster Posey is terrific.  That is all.


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